Thursday, February 11, 2010

These are some of the sketches i liked for the I Mother Nature logo.
I wanted to represent more of a social movement and not so much as corporate just
because I think this would be more inviting for people to become part of it and
really have a more personal and close feeling towards the I Mother Nature movement

This is probably the logo i mostly like. the only thing that bothers me is
having the "O" as whatever animal, I was thinking of doing many many variations
with faces of different animals. The only thing is that including a image
takes away from the strong name "I mother Nature".

I like this one because it has a certain humor and has a lot of movement

This one isn't that special. Just like the letters.

This one I like too because it seems unified, dinamic and seems
to be effective as to getting to the point of the message we want to deliver.

See you next week :)

pablo delkan

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