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I mother nature copy

Let's talk about this tonight:

Every second, thousands of individuals are born to mothers whose instincts to love and protect them constitute the greatest force for good in the universe. Some have snouts, some tails, some feathers. Some swim, others fly and some can only crawl. Only a tiny fraction of them are human, and yet each one is a critically important member of the ecosystem that keeps our earth, and us, alive.

I Mother Nature is a grassroots movement to help people understand nature and what we can do to take better care of her.

Humankind has abused nature to the point where she will not be able to support our unsustainable practices for much longer. This is our chance to love her back.

Let’s start by making Mother’s Day about mothers of every species.

Please add a story here about how other species care for their young.

And support these organizations in their work to protect species and habitats.


Great new work, guys, thanks. For those of you going to the AD club, please come early, let's get our work done on Tripping Bear, then you can head out. But it will be more productive for everybody if we can all be there for that discussion. Cause we have a client meeting in two weeks.

I Mother Nature T-shirt Designs

Hi all, here are some t-shirt designs for an I Mother Nature campaign. The logo will be put somewhere on the t-shirt, either incorporated into the illustration or on the bottom.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

logos for

Colors are NOT finalized yet...and might squeeze in few more before class:)

polar bear.

new and improved infographics... we have this portfolio exhibition starting 6~8...(is a great opportunity for students to meet people in the industry,alumni, etc...)so I maybe either late..or has to leave early...

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wait, i mean




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AIGA event Tuesday

Hi, If anybody would like to come to the AIGA event on Tuesday, April 6th at 6:00, please email

Anke Stohlmann

and let her know that you are my guest. I will give you more details about location when we meet this week.

best, c

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tripping Bear Logo Analysis


  • Manufacturers
  • Supply companies
  • Business to business
  • Should foster familiarity to consumers & media

  • Revolutionary
  • Mushroom
  • Biotechnology, Natural
  • Strong
  • Practical



Corporate look, like competitors
  • Slick
  • Clean
  • Geometric
  • Bold


Human/personal touch unecessary
  • No script
  • No handwriting
  • No all-lowercase


One unexpected element that stands out from competitors
  • Mushroom?

  • Natural Element
  • Icon
  • Mushroom
  • Organic typeface
  • Not too slick or mechanical
  • Serif or softer sans serif

  • Not delicate looking
  • No hairline serifs
  • No elegant type treatment
  • No flourishes

My prospective name was Sila, so I researched the existing Sila companies and looked up the meaning of the name:

  • Securities & Insurance Licensing Association (SILA)
  • Pakistani & East Indian online clothing retailer
  • Turkish TV series
  • City in UAE
  • Region of Chad
  • Ethnic group in Laos (Si La)


  • Virtue, moral conduct
  • cornerstone of Noble Eightfold Path
Inuit (Silla, Silap Inua)
  • The main component of everything that exists
  • Breath of life
  • Energy of change
  • God of sky, wind, weather
  • What souls are made of

The good fight

Thought you all might be interested in this:

Monday, March 22, 2010

sun water

check this out, might be interesting for u guys

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Polar Bear Endangerment Facts by Thomas Shim

Polar Bear Endangerment Facts

by Thomas Shim


Hi everyone. I have posted a schedule for the rest of the semester so we can talk about a plan for getting everything done.,0

I have to leave class at 8:00 tonight to fly to Vermont, but next week we'll have a long class to make up for it. You all can stay together and work, since we'll have much to discuss.

See you tonight.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

70's pictures that changed us

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Flatworms "P" Fencing

Here's a video of what I was talking about in class... the music just makes it so cool haha

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conservation Organizations

These are conservation orgs suggested to us for partners in "I Mother Nature". We'll check them out tonight.

The Wildlife Conservation Society based at the Bronx Zoo in Bronx, NY, Robert Cook, Exec. VP (718) 220-5100
They have work all over, including focuses to protect wildlife and wild places in US including Klamath forests, Adirondack, and Yellowstone.

Conservation International based in Arlington, VA, Russ Mittermeier, Pres (703) 341-2400. Focused on sustainability and interactions of people and environment. [***Cheryl, I think that they are also larger than what you are seeking*** W.]

Bat Conservation International based in Austin, TX (don't have contact there) (512) 327-9721. Very small but well conceived wildlife/conservation organization that addresses wildlife, land use, and sustainability interactions.

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Bicycle BUilt for two thousand.

this is my favorite info graphic thing. its better if your seen 2001 a space odyssey