Saturday, November 28, 2009

make up class

hey guys to remind u all

we meeting at at Monday NOV 30 – 6 PM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

hey guys

emailed cheyenne about 2041/robert swan high res images 2 weeks ago but she havent got back yet, so wondering if any of you have the email to the other person that was up for grabs?


Monday, November 16, 2009

2 0 4 1 

In general when writing this I’m thinking of 2041 as something larger. And though I’m not the biggest supporter of growth I’m convinced this organization has to grow.  

Robert Swan would still be the leading character but it cant be dependent on him. Its not efficient and it will not be possible for him to go on as he’s doing. He needs a plan.

2041 needs to have a simple message to circle around, a main goal. ex 

”preserve Antarctica”

”become a leader in saving the environment”

”journey for cleaner energy”

2041 needs a headquarter, preferably in London. 

2041 needs money, to get started they should look in to government funding and private sponsors. Then they should have membership based supporters. 

You become a supporting member for $30-50 a year. 

In return you get a magazine 6 times a year. 

Other gadgets for members could be:

– A really nice poster to hang on the wall, made by an artist. A new poster are produced every year on the theme Antarctica or environment (a suggestion of a poster could be: 10 daily things u can do to live green)

– A wall calender

– Stickers

NB > No unnecessary products, no teddy bears, mugs etc. All the things are made by recycled paper and easy (flat) to send in the mail.


The magazine will be high quality and also possible to buy in normal stores. The magazine is about environmetlal concern but not entirely. A wide magazine that’s interesting for different ages (see The Big Issue, New York, The New Yorker, Life Magazine) with top articles by top journalists and great photography/illustrations. 




Before or instead of having a certification (below) the company have a day of green thinking. With the help from 2041 (a person or a visual guide, possibly from the web page) the company does everything to minimaze it’s footprint. They switch light bulbs, recycle, look in to unneccery use of energy and use of products (wich also save alot of money) etc. 


Certificate B

Having a person from 2041 to educate the management and staff in using less energy, recycle etc. After this the company gets a 2 month test period to change things around, if the pass the company gets an environmental certificate. The 2041 restrictions will be strict. If a company passes the 2041 restriction this means that they accomplish something that is though to achieve. A person from 2041 will show once a year to see if they are still valid of having the certificate. Passing this test gives the company the certificate. Having Certificate B results in:

– Get a diploma

– Show it on their web page

– Have it in their marketing towards costumers (yeah, we gotCertificate B)

Certificate A

The company looks at what in the production and office they can change to have a minimal footprint. That is; what can the company do to cut fossil fuels/energy consumption. And they do it (for real), people from 2041 control the process every 2 month. It is also highly recommended that a company donates money to the FUND. 

Having Certificate A results in:

–  Allow them to use the logo on their products

–  Be shown at the web page under the file ”certificated corporations 2009”. 

–  Have ads in the magazine to a reduced price

–  Have Robert Swan come talking


The logo will communicate ”good will” and be proof to customers that this company does what it can to minimize its footprint and also paying attention to global warming and Antarctica. The most important thing with this is trust. The consumer must be sure that this is not another green wash logo. Therefore the restrictions to be allowed to use the logo are very strict and will be fully explained (with real world examples) on the 2041 web page. An idea is to use similar standards as WWF.


Money can be donated in a fund. Will keep 2041 running and focus on preservation of Antarctica and education. 2041 also make deals with companies to be visible sponsors and linked to the yatch, education etc.


Don’t believe in having a lot of different things to hand out, the web page is the best tool. The page today looks ok but are to boring and messy. I know nothing of webdesign and would suggest that someone with knowladge in this give it a go.

Printed matter would contain:

1 simple catalog, who says it all (not 4 or 5)


Overall identity (overall graphics, letterhead, business card etc.)


the two first images with logos are suggestions, and the last one are logos that i like, i think all the logos in this page actually could work. no 1 is my favorite, then no 2 and so on.. no 6 is modified versions for logo no 1 to work in a very small size.  know you liked the red, but are afraid that it can be mixed with the canadian flag or a fire station. feel that the blue are more in line with communicating the right message. best, rasmus

Sunday, November 15, 2009

chei_2041 flash intro to 2041 website

      Using one of the logos i made for 2041, I thought of creating the opening
      page (by using Flash) before it gets into the actual 2041 website.
      This illustration basically summarizes what 2041 is about, introducing its logo,
      showing how many years are left, where we are now, and what this organization 
      is about (preservation of Antarctica). 

chei_2041 logos

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

The colors got very messed up after I uploaded it, but here are expansions of four of my logos from last week. Click on them for bigger size and to have them not cut off at the edge.




Viral High School Campaign Outline

Download PDF at

ok here we go. seems like they get larger if u click on the images

all the best /rasmus

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cheryl wanted me to let you guys know that we're meeting this Wednesday and to have work posted in the blog before then.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

See you all on Wednesday

Hi everybody,

we meet again on Wednesday, the 11th. See you there.


So I have posted a write up of some ideas I had for events that would lead to a viral campaign for Robert Swan. I also attached logos I worked on which steered more towards the idea we talked about with Cheryl of making things more bold and standing out more. I just played around and am not sure if any of them will be suitable but I posted what I worked on.


Focusing on reaching parents while engaging their children with hands on activities. This would probably focus on children anywhere between 7 and 12. Setting up workshops and activities which the parents can bring their children to and while they are preoccupied the parents can attend their own seminars. Lecture can be held to teach parents easy ways to introduce recyclable materials and eco-friendly habits into their home lives and teach them to children.

Children's activities would be set up to teach the kids about what materials are recyclable and which are not. Set up sort of Field days with different competitive games which kids can get excited about but be learning at the same time.

Dumpster Dive: A set up dumpster with different recyclable and non recyclable materials. Kids form teams and have to go through their dumpster and find recyclable materials and build something out of them. First team done wins a prize

Scavenger Hunt: pick a public space and have the children help to clean the litter while locating specific materials. Beneficial in teaching them about recycling while cleaning up a park.

Digging in the Dirt: Parent/child composting workshop

Post Card Contest: Have children draw a postcard and winner's actually gets sent out

High School Students

Introduce a project of organizing, fundraising for, and holding a concert to raise awareness.

Put the kids in charge of different booths with activities and entertainment

Have auditions for local bands
T-shirt design concert, and then sales.
Have sales to raise money, make jewelry, look for sponsors.
Local business sponsors-maybe a chinese auction, or selling coupon books

In correspondence with this maybe a film festival, teams make a short film to raise awareness. Films will be played and judged at concert, winning team will receive some sort of prize. (donated?)

Actual Event:
Activity/game/information booths
Film Contest (Make it a battle of the grades type of thing, Freshman vs Sophomores vs Juniors vs Seniors? friendly competition always entices student participation)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hi everyone, I've posted my logos for Robert Swan. I decided to focus on the concept of time and see how I could develop it into a logo.

Meg Cheryl i thought you might like this

Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking for work to be posted here

Hey everybody, checking here to see if you've posted work. Please do by Wednesday's class time so we can keep things moving.