Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I have posted a write up of some ideas I had for events that would lead to a viral campaign for Robert Swan. I also attached logos I worked on which steered more towards the idea we talked about with Cheryl of making things more bold and standing out more. I just played around and am not sure if any of them will be suitable but I posted what I worked on.


Focusing on reaching parents while engaging their children with hands on activities. This would probably focus on children anywhere between 7 and 12. Setting up workshops and activities which the parents can bring their children to and while they are preoccupied the parents can attend their own seminars. Lecture can be held to teach parents easy ways to introduce recyclable materials and eco-friendly habits into their home lives and teach them to children.

Children's activities would be set up to teach the kids about what materials are recyclable and which are not. Set up sort of Field days with different competitive games which kids can get excited about but be learning at the same time.

Dumpster Dive: A set up dumpster with different recyclable and non recyclable materials. Kids form teams and have to go through their dumpster and find recyclable materials and build something out of them. First team done wins a prize

Scavenger Hunt: pick a public space and have the children help to clean the litter while locating specific materials. Beneficial in teaching them about recycling while cleaning up a park.

Digging in the Dirt: Parent/child composting workshop

Post Card Contest: Have children draw a postcard and winner's actually gets sent out

High School Students

Introduce a project of organizing, fundraising for, and holding a concert to raise awareness.

Put the kids in charge of different booths with activities and entertainment

Have auditions for local bands
T-shirt design concert, and then sales.
Have sales to raise money, make jewelry, look for sponsors.
Local business sponsors-maybe a chinese auction, or selling coupon books

In correspondence with this maybe a film festival, teams make a short film to raise awareness. Films will be played and judged at concert, winning team will receive some sort of prize. (donated?)

Actual Event:
Activity/game/information booths
Film Contest (Make it a battle of the grades type of thing, Freshman vs Sophomores vs Juniors vs Seniors? friendly competition always entices student participation)


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  1. Hi Alyssa, For you, I think the next step that would help is to eliminate the ones that you aren't as interested in, and begin to look at one logo at a time on a page. It's hard to see with so many together what the impact and communication of them will be. Focus on the ones that are more than typographical exercises, and have a concept behind them.

    As for the written concepts, they are interesting, some are more doable than others, and some are more directly tied to the concept Robert is trying to communicate. Remember that we have agreed to communicate the power that people can have to use their money to fight climate change. Think about which of the ideas you have below communicates that. Then think about what you will need to design in the way of communication to get people to participate. Invitations? Advertising? YouTube videos?

    Thanks for posting this and I'll see you Wednesday.