Wednesday, February 10, 2010

These are some logos I have been working on. What can a logo be? That's what I'm having a lot of trouble with. I really like to do these because I can put a lot of energy into each piece. Most of them come out looking really bad but then sometimes one will stand out. I try not to think about it too much, instead I just try to put a lot of feeling into them. I get very dramatic sometimes, I'm glad no body is there to witness.

Design today seems to be only intellectual, not much feeling. How come?

You might look at these and say "psh, these aren't logos". And I agree....kind of.

A classmate told me that these were not "marketable" and that got me thinking a lot. Why the hell not?

I think what I might do is use this as my first part of the work. I make a few, choose the couple that look interesting and have a lot of feeling, and then try to "rasterize" them and see what happens.

See you next weds everyone. And please tell me what a logo is if you know it.


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