Sunday, February 14, 2010

A couple of things

Hey - I love seeing the work here, it's great. Natalie, don't forget to post.
Please bring your I Mother Nature logos in print form for Wednesday so we can put them up on a wall and see them all at once. Also please make sure you read the brief I did for Eben Bayer.

Some of you have asked for an overview of the I Mother Nature campaign, so here it is. I will also find the original presentation I did for WWF and post it.

What we're doing:
Creating/launching our own grass roots campaign to protect nature and connect people to her.
There are two parts - first, a movement (that we need to start) to make Mother's Day for mothers of every species. Second an adoption campaign for people to support species and places in the world.

We have so mistreated our planet that soon she will no longer be able to take care of us. We must learn take care of her. It is important for adults to support this and for kids to understand more about other species.

Go viral with a campaign to make mothers day include all species
Collect stories from scientists all over the world - and let others contribute
Promote at SVA
In New York City
Through AIGA
Sell products
Pick a conservation partner
Tell the story to the media

What we need:
Product designs
On-line ads

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  1. that's awesome!
    and thanks, the explanation helps a lot :)