Monday, October 26, 2009

2041 Highschool Outreach Plan

Hi all, I'm posting what I wrote up for Sunday's class since we ran out of time. This is a really rough document so please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors.

2041 Recycle Challenge OVERVIEW

Objective: To educate students about 2041 and get them involved in the organization. Students will learn how to live green and what they can do to educate others. The campaign should create viral buzz, related press and donations.

Mission: The 2041 Recycle Challenge is a nationwide competition for any K-12 school where participating schools compete against each other in a recycling challenge. Students are asked to find sponsors, whether it be a small business owner or a large corporation, to donate a certain denomination per recycled bottle, can or pound of paper. Students are encouraged to get creative in how they bring in recyclables, can they organize a neighborhood donation point? How can they get business involved in submitting their recyclables? Half of the sponsored money will go to the school and the other half will go towards 2041. Students and schools can keep track of their progress through a global “leader board” via the 2041 Recycle Challenge website, twitter or facebook. The top three schools will not only generate the most money for themselves and 2041, but also receive a “School Takeover” sponsored by MTV, VH1, etc. (FPO?)

Results: To encourage teamwork and leadership through a competitive challenge benefitting the environment, education and 2041. Students will not only be educating themselves and others about the benefits of recycling, they will have fun doing it.

Website: The 2041 Recycle Challenge website will be a hub for all aspects of the contest. On the home page, anyone can look up a school and find out how many items they have recycled and how they are placing on the leader board. The website will also contain information about 2041, recycling and going green. Videos of Robert Swan encouraging students and explaining the contest will also be available. Potential news reports will be posted as well. Principals or the designated contest runners can log in to post their school’s current recycling amount which will update real time once it is submitted. The website will also have the option for principals or contest runners to enter the specific breakdown of recyclables (such as paper, cans, bottles) which will be displayed in chart form so students can see how much they consume.

Designed Material:
1. Website
2. Information Brochure with DVD
3. Sponsor sign up form
4. Posters? School take over signs?

How it works:

Step 1: Get schools interested in the contest and 2041 by sending out informational packets to Principals. Included would be an information booklet containing the following:

1. Background about 2041 and Robert Swan
a. What the organization does for the environment
b. How important it is to instill green habits early on
c. How the organization will use the money generated from the contest

2. General contest information
a. rules
b. regulations
c. prizes

3. How to get started
a. Points to the website where Principals can use a sign up form to enter their school
b. Inform the students of the contest using the included DVD with Robert Swan explaining 2041, global warming,
benefits of recycling, and motivating the students to win the contest.
c. Set up recycling bins around the school and keep track of how many items are recycled
d. Submit amount of recycled items to the leader board website
e. Track the schools progress on the website and encourage students to check it often to see how they are
fairing against other schools.

4. How to get sponsors
a. Copy the enclosed sponsor sign up form and hand out to students.
b. Encourage students to go big or go local, sponsors can range from big companies to mom and pop shops to their
next door neighbor.
c. Explain where the sponsorship money is going; half to support 2041’s green initiative, the other half for
their school to use.

5. Make the contest your own!
a. Schools are encouraged to become inventive in how they motivate students to participate. Perhaps schools can
create competition between grades and offer their own prize?

Step 2: Continue promoting the contest and talk to the media and bloggers about what is happening. Try to secure sponsorships for the whole contest from companies willing to chip in for the prize. For example, Macy’s could offer a gift card to every winning student in return for advertising on the leaderboard website or during the school takeover.

Step 3: Announce the winning schools and arrange for the school takeover. (FPO?) Ensure final sponsorship money is collected and distributed to 2041 and the schools.

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